Riot Games Has Completely Removed the Last Update From Tahm Kencha?

Riot Games

Tahm Kencha’s win rate has dropped dramatically after the latest update.

King of the River suffered a lot after the latest update, it turns out that the recent changes Riot Games killed the hero and is practically unplayable.

Tahm Kench

In update 9.19, the River Hunter’s thick skin was changed to paper. All this is done so that at the World Championships 2019 the finish line was balanced as best as possible.

However, it turned out that the changes did not go well and now Sum jumps within 35.8% of the winnings, a tragic result.

Patch 9.19 changed the percentage of health that Tahm Kench was treating. His gray health to normal health (E) rates have dropped from a fixed 75% to 30% to 100% at level 18. The task was to limit the early phase of the game and reduce the effective defense on the lower lane, it would reward 100% treatment at a later stage.

The Worldsy patch is trying to balance the finish by force, Riot Games hopes that no hero will dominate the matches and will not be “pick or ban”. Earlier, his resistance to injury and the ability to swallow one of the carry, which also allowed him to survive in crisis situations, contributed to his huge popularity.

Riot Games

Despite the fact that each of us knows why Tahm was nerfed, many players think the changes are harsh.

One fan commented on the current changes in this way:

I really understand that Riot did not want to have Tahm Kench at the Championships, he is not exciting to watch, but it is absolutely absurd to weaken the hero to 38% of the winnings

It is very unlikely that Riot will add some power to the River King. The championship starts on October 2 and judging by the current state of Tahma, we will hardly see him at them. Let’s see what patch 9.20 will bring.