Overwatch Broke Through the CS: GO Finals in Terms of the Number of Viewers


It was definitely a strong moment for Overwatch.

Yesterday, when entering Twitch, you could be surprised. Of course, it was an extremely important day for Overwatch. The Overwatch League finals are one of the most important, if not the most important event in the world of OW.

Yesterday there were also finals in CS: GO, it was certainly an interesting view, watch the fight of these two titles.

Overwatch pierced CS: GO

Although Overwatch recently slid at the very bottom of Twitch, falling to 15th in terms of the number of audiences, yesterday again showed that nothing is decided yet.

Overwatch had about 350,000 people at its best. CS: GO stopped at 300,000. It’s a really nice view for Overwatch fans. Although Overwatch makes an advantage with free items for viewers, this number is impressive.

However, the facts are that while Blizzard’s title won the finals, Valve can speak of success in viewership. Their production is in TOP 5 on Twitch, while Overwatch has reached TOP 10.

A huge difference in the prize pool

Let’s also remember that comparing these tournaments is a bit stretchy. The Overwatch prize pool is $ 3.5 million after entering into a $ 90 million deal with Twitch.

Meanwhile, the CS: GO finals are $ 200,000.

Tournament Winners

San Francisco Shock won the league in Overwatch. Final results:

1$ 1,100,000San Francisco Shock
2$ 600,000Vancouver Titans
3$ 450,000New York Excelsior
4$ 350,000Hangzhou Spark
5/6$ 300,000Atlanta Reign
5/6$ 300,000Los Angeles Gladiators
7/8$ 200,000Seoul Dynasty
7/8$ 200,000London Spitfire

Evil Geniuses won in CS: GO ESL One New York.