New Cache – We Learned the Appearance of the Changed CS: GO Map


As announced, today we saw the appearance of the updated Cache map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

All CS: GO players have been waiting for this moment. As announced, it’s unveiled today the new look of the updated Cache map, which was completely withdrawn from rotation some time ago.

The updated de_cache entry is scheduled for October, but it is not a rigid date.

Rework Cache

Rework lasted a total of a year, a lot has changed during this time. In addition to new visual elements, the passageways and layout of some buildings have also changed.

The creators certainly did not want to make only cosmetic changes and, as in the case of Dust 2 or Inferno, new opportunities in terms of gameplay were also taken care of.

The first matches have already been played in the changed location and look really good. Professional players as long as they are happy with the changes.