In Season 3, There Will Definitely Be New Weapons Additions. Players Found Clues


The latest trailer for Apex Legends hinted at players that they can expect new weapon additions in Season 3.

The trailer has become a really great source of information. For example, we learned about new skins that will be added to the game.

Now the topic of completely new weapon accessories has appeared.

New additions will probably appear in the game along with the update for October 1 and of course season 3. One of the Reddit users even showed what exactly the add-ons were.

Guys, I noticed this in the Trailer, These May be the new Hop UPS for Season 3, “High Caliber” For the R-301, which increases the damage bullets make when switching to Single Fire, and “Double Tap” for the G7 Scout, Which fires at a 2 round burst. I know you saw it, I had to look into detail. from apexlegends

At the moment we know about two, for R-301 and G7 Scout. The additions find their confirmation not only in the film but also in the files. We have High Caliber ‘and’ Double Tap ‘listed here.

One day is left until the new season. So far, we’ve learned that along with it will be introduced new cosmetic elements and probably the most important element – a new map.