High Noon Ashe and Luciana Dancing Together!


Dancing together in the High Noon, the stars of the evening Ashe and Lucian!

New skins from the High Noon series, i.e. in High Noon have a joint dance. What does Senna think about that?

The worst nightmare of Senna, which she must watch, all this from the lighthouse came true with the arrival of new skins. It turns out that High Noon Ashe and High Noon Lucian have a dance together! It’s not the same as for Xayah and Rakana, but it will play if we play it right. How does it look like?

Of course, there is a small problem here. Despite the fact that they fit together perfectly, they can’t really play together on the lower lane. Ashe is not very good at support, and the bane of every ADC is Scarf, so don’t do it.

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The only way out is to delegate Lucian to mid (under AP) and call for help from Thresh. We can put Urgota or Yasuo on top, and Hecarima in the forest. Have we found the perfect team?