G2 Has the Best Chance of Winning the 2019 World Cup!


G2 is one of the best teams in the world and has the best chance of winning Worlds!

From LEC domination to the victory in MSI 2019. G2 has shown the best of the world, and its players are slowly becoming legends. It’s not over yet, everything will be decided at the World Championships 2019!

Time for Worldsy

It is at these competitions that players squeeze out what they can do to the limit. There are salty tears of despair, but also the laughter of the winners. One of the most popular teams now is G2, they are making a lot of noise around them and we will soon find out if the pass is justified.

Players and esports analysts agree, virtually everyone recognizes G2 as the best European team of all time. Of course, for good reason, they showed class at MSI and they were second to none. As you can see from the laughs from the group and other teams, European leaders have very high ego. Let’s hope that this will not affect their play and will not fall apart after the Championship crushed by the pressure of the entire region. Or maybe this year’s Championships will initiate European dominance? Can you imagine Asians saying that EUNE or EUW is the highest level?

Jungler’s power

One of the best players in the world and the G2 pillar, with his amazing ability to read the map, can crush an enemy forester in the early stages of the game. His contribution was so impressive that the boy won the MVP summer split!

His game will mainly decide how far G2 will go at the Championships. We are curious ourselves what pace the team and enemies dictate!

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Last summer Jankos dominated all other LEC foresters, had 73 killings and KD 6.0 on his account!

His stats surpassed all other junglers in the early stages of the game and he also had the highest damage per minute for the heroes he played.

Marcin can be compared with a good engine, he drives the whole team and dictates the pace. If everything goes smoothly and in his mind, they will dominate the tournament.

Middle smoke opener

Riot Games

Caps fought for the first time on a global scale that year. His first opponent was Fnatic. Unfortunately, it turned out that he is not able to respond to the skills of more experienced players and finished the Championship with the most deaths.

This year, Caps fired his inner John Wick and nothing like his dog, so Caps will take revenge on his 47 deaths. He and G2 have evolved like pokemon and have a great desire for all cups.

If there is no arbitrariness and he doesn’t want to show off, he will get to the finals with the team. This year he will throw a glove at his feet, known by everyone Faker, or the new star Chova. Can Caps handle pressure and endure stress?

Key to success

We know that G2 is the current favorites of this year’s tournament. Despite their laughs and joking around the group stage. They should be careful and respect their opponents. Let’s remember that many great teams in a similar situation as them, fell under pressure, eaten by stress.

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The G2 mentality sets them apart from other teams. Even if they have a difficult situation (like 2-1 with Fnatic in LEC) or a brutal fight against SKT1 in MSI, they don’t stop laughing and joking. Perhaps their tactic for victory is to smash the opposing team’s psyche? Who would want to be laughed at after a match? We can imagine the situation that took place in the G2 vs Fnatic match. We try our best, we do everything in our power to win the game. One bad action, our team begins to lose, and the opponent comments on it with two signs …


Playing for everything ends with our defeat, among others by our irritation and stress.

At the World, Championships G2 should calm down completely, just think about playing and playing as best as possible, so as not to worry about the enormous pressure and expectations.