Will We Get Missions and Orbs for Our 10th Birthday?


We’ll probably get interesting missions and rewards for the 10th birthday of the best game!

As we mentioned before, prizes are waiting for our 10th birthday, we don’t know yet which we can speculate on.


New content has been added to PBE (9.20). It consists of two graphics and two orbs. It turns out that together with the company we will get the opportunity to celebrate and great rewards (100 blue essences).

Mission resources have been added to this PBE cycle:

There will probably be some graphics from the background, but we are not sure.

It looks like a mission icon to us, but we’re also not sure.

In addition, two orbs were introduced:

Chocolate Orb of the decade, it looks sweet, but what are the rewards?

Vanilla Orb of the decade, if you don’t like chocolate.

So what do we get?

The only certain content is the missions. For the rest, we can speculate. Riot Games will probably introduce missions with rewards in them. In addition, Orbs can be for free and we will probably get the opportunity to buy them. Nothing is certain and currently, we can only speculate.