Pole Stopped for Creating Cheats for League of Legends


The Pole who was supposed to be responsible for creating League of Legends cheats was stopped.

On Friday morning, several people were responsible for the creation of software that interferes with League of Legends and its distribution. These people were involved in software sales on the foreign (Korean) market.

Interestingly, among them was also to be a Pole who was also accused of managing distribution. Along with detentions, all traces of activity both on the Internet and on the WeeChat messenger disappeared.

For creating cheats

From what we read on Weibo, it is still a matter of 2017 software, when a lot of websites appeared on the market offering software to facilitate the game of League of Legends – we will not name names, because probably everyone associates exactly what pages.

The stops concern a large, foreign platform that is no longer available on the market, at least not without special invitations. In total, 3 people are to be suspected.


Detained some time ago, he moved out of Poland. According to our information, Riot was already known to several large incidents before. Once he was to sign a settlement with Riot, according to which he would not deal with anything related to League of Legends, or other games in which Tencent has shared.

Now a Pole is threatened with a huge fine. It is known that the platform also offered cheats for other popular games.

Riot has been fighting for some time

Riot has previously tried not only to remove platforms offering cheats, but also to reach directly to those responsible for them. For example, LeagueSharp was widely heard, which eventually had to pay $ 10 million in damages to Riot. Unofficially it is said that it was definitely less than what the creators of the platform earned.