Cyberpunk 2077 – We Met the Cast of Polish Dubbing. Michał ŻEbrowski as Johnny Silverhand


Yesterday, people who will be responsible for dubbing in the Polish version of Cyberpunk 2077 were disclosed.

Yesterday, during a panel dedicated to Cyberpunk, we found out who would ultimately give their voice to the characters in the Polish version of Cyberpunk.

There were hardly any surprises, and most of the voice actors we met had the opportunity to hear in other CDP RED productions.

Michał Żebrowski as Johnny Silverhand

The key figure will be Michał Żebrowski, who voices Johnny Silverhand. You probably know the actor after the role of Geralt.

At the International Comics and Games Festival, it was confirmed at the same time that we would hear Kamil Kula, while the female version of the character will be played by Lidia Sadowa, known for many games and series.

This is definitely not a disappointment at all, and the three actors only confirm that there is something to wait for. It is not known when we will know the next names and whether it will be before the premiere.