Why Doesn’t Everyone Have the Chance to Test a New LoL Client?


Why didn’t everyone get the opportunity to test a new, upcoming customer?

The new League of Legends client has been tested for quite some time. One of the Riot Games employees decided to explain why some people still do not have access to it.

After all, it’s been a long time since it was made public.

New client

A new customer is slowly being introduced. Thanks to it, you’ll get the option to log out and several other options. Unfortunately, the client is currently being tested by a narrow group of players. One of the main rioters, Meddler reported why the rest of the community does not have this opportunity.

According to him, no errors have yet been discovered that are difficult to find by a small number of testers, but they cannot be admitted to more people because they are serious.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until the client is tested and thoroughly checked, then it will probably be passed to further tests for all players. If it passes the next tests successfully, it will come out officially. However, it is not known when and how long we will have to wait.