We Know Where the Event at Fortnite Will Probably Take Place

Epic Games

We know the likely place of the upcoming event!

One of the users involved in the data leak has published a place where the event will probably take place.

According to one of the most popular @HYPEX file scanners, He found a place where the whole event will probably take place. It is located between the musty warehouse and the lagoon.

It is here that according to HYPEX the zone will close and the event will start. Remember that this is only a leak, not official information and everything can change. It looks interesting and previously rebuilt hangars may disappear again. Also, note that it is relatively close to the rocket, maybe it will be misfired? Something goes wrong and everything explodes? Maybe Kevinek gets upset and the Ankle-Kevink reactor overheats and we get Fortnite Chernobyl?

There are many theories, but what will happen is not known until the end of the season. We can not wait!