The Overwatch Team Is Showing Their New Stadium for $50 Million


One of the Overwatch League teams after many announcements finally showed their facility.

Overwatch League is a lot of money. Amazing amounts for slots, huge payouts for players and the whole envelope created around this one league.

In Poland, OWL is not very popular, there are not many fans of these games. Abroad, some not only devote a lot of energy and time to watching matches but also build stadiums.

One of the teams even created a special stadium, only for Overwatch games.

The object is really impressive and shows that OWL is not only the numbers loaded by news sites but also a very large business, combined with passion.

2020 will be a big test for Blizzard and the entire Overwatch League. Then the system of trips to cities of specific teams will be tested – just like football or other popular sports.