Soon Qiyana Will Get the Prestigious Skin, When and How to Get It?

Riot Games

Qiyana will soon get the prestigious edition, how can we get it and how much RP do we need to prepare?

Qiyana – the best character in League of Legends gets a skin, according to leaks, it is True Damage. We know more or less when it will be available and for what!

Qiyana Prestigious Edition

One of Riot’s employees revealed some secrets about the best character in the game, we mean Qiyana. It turns out that the prestigious skin for it will be available in the World Championship pass. It will probably be the golden version of True Damage, but we are not sure about that.

However, we know that it will be a prestigious edition, but maybe Riot Games is planning a surprise and will introduce a completely new series of skins that no one has ever heard of.

One of the Riot employees wrote on their Twitter:

I see many questions on this subject, I can confirm that Qiyana will receive a prestigious skin to unlock for World Cup tokens at a later stage of Worlds 2019.

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Earlier information seemed to indicate Miss Fortune, which is to receive its prestigious skin during Halloween.