PUBG Has to Withdraw the Skin Because the Lion’s Tail Is Like Natural. A Huge Setback!


PUBG has recently introduced Halloween cosmetic elements.

In PUBG there are nice eggs – literally eggs. The creators of Halloween have introduced new cosmetic items to the game. Among them is also the skin of a lion.

It soon turned out that the tail in this skin resembles a male birth.

Skin is withdrawn immediately

Game developers have announced that the skin is being withdrawn immediately. All who purchased it will receive a refund of virtual points.

It is not known if the skin will ever be available again. Maybe it will undergo some changes and come back to the store again. In its current form, it aroused too much controversy.

And although this is not the first slip of PUBG, it is one of the funniest. The lion’s tail was definitely not well implemented and in certain situations looked really ambiguous.