Overwatch Players, Terrified of the Streak Buff, Will Dominate Games?


In the last update, Blizzard decided to change many characters.

The last update on PST mixed up the heroes’ changes a bit. While most Blizzard decisions seem to be right, one buff is particularly worrying about the Overwatch community.

It’s about the Streak buff, which will now be able to deal more damage over a greater distance.

Blizzard decided to change the distance at which the decrease in missile damage begins. Recall:

  • Damage reduction now starts from 13 meters instead of 10 meters

How does it look in practice?

According to many members of the community, these changes are simply too big. The streak, of course, is a great way to reduce the impact of barriers and shields on the game, while this buff is very disturbing for many people. Good Streaks will now be much more dangerous.

Speed ​​and aiming are very important for Smuga. If at this moment the best players are able to sneak behind and eliminate healers, then after this buff this will happen and faster and with greater consequences.

Or maybe the only way out?

As we mentioned, the Streak will be a great way to get rid of enemies’ barriers and shields faster. Blizzard probably meant it. Perhaps it is this heroine that will cause the finish line to change a little and will not consist only in the constant throwing of shields by Sigma, Orissa and the rest of the heroes.