Miss Fortune gets a prestigious skin? Will Halloween be separated from the Worlds?

Akali skin concept by Sendoh Tran

Will Halloween probably be separated from the World Cup, and will Miss Fortune get the prestigious edition?

According to information on Twitter, this year Halloween will be separated from the World Cup, in addition, it appears that Miss Fortune will receive prestigious content.


As you have probably noticed, the World Championship pass has come to the game. We can already earn points and complete missions. However, it turned out that it will not be connected to Halloween and we will probably get another pass.

Akali skin concept by Sendoh Tran

In addition, Halloween should appear in the next PBE series, but you don’t have to worry. We will inform you about everything! Along with the festival of ghosts in the game should appear skins for Miss and Qiyana. It turns out that both of them have a good chance of the Prestigious Edition! According to leaks, the Halloween version will switch to MF, and Qiyanka will get True Damage. It promises to be interesting and we need to prepare wallets.