Mikropatch 9.19 Withdraws Some of Sylas’ Nerves

Riot Games

Sylas turned out to be too nerfed.

Riot confirmed that the last patch was too brutal for Sylas. The nerves turned out to be too big, so a micro patch was introduced to fix these changes.

More armor for Sylas

One of the Rioters – Mark Yetter – announced on his Twitter about Sylas hotfix in Patch 9.19. The creators stated that the last nerves turned out to be too large, which had to be repaired in a micro patch.

Sylf’s nerves in Patch 9.19 turned out to be stronger than we wanted, which is why we have restored some of the removed armor.

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The exact values ​​of the changes are:

  • Base armor 28> 32
  • Armor per level 2.5> 3

This is good information for people who have complained about a too strong nerf. Most communities spoke negatively about it and eventually, Riot decided to change values.