Likely Upcoming Halloween Skins in Fortnite!

Epic Games

Mysterious Halloween skins that will probably go to Fortnite.

Mysterious Halloween skins that may probably appear on Halloween.

According to HYPEX, one of the main players involved in searching game files, several skins are expected to go to the store on Halloween. Remember that this is only a leak, not official information.

Upcoming skins:

  • Skull Trooper Neon – men’s version
  • Gangster Monster – male version
  • Ghoul Trooper – male version
  • Cuddle Team Dark – women’s version
  • The Dark One – male version
  • Slurp Creature – male version
  • Wraith – women’s version
  • Pale spooky – women’s version
  • Modern Witch – women’s version

The leak is very strange, according to him, Ghoul Trooper can hit the store, which is strange because he did not appear a year ago. In addition, Wraith is firmly rooted in Apex Legends, which players may not like. The author himself admits that he does not trust the data too much, so we must treat them with great distance.