It Promises to Be a Longer Event at Fortnite. Will Players Be Able to Join in the Course?

Epic Games

A new tip has appeared for the upcoming Fortnite event.

It seems that this event may be slightly longer than the previous ones. Even longer than the monster’s fight with the robot. This is indicated by people searching the game files.

More specifically, a function that is the understanding of players is to allow joining during the event.

Lucas7yoshi informs that during this event an additional option may appear, allowing to join it during the event. This suggests that the event may be longer than usual.

This option, however, can greatly facilitate watching the event. Previously, you had to enter a few minutes later and join the game at the right time. Perhaps this will change now – although this has not been confirmed.

We would like to remind you that the “The End” mode will also appear here. This suggests that maybe everything will be the same, only players will be able to get to the event in some way.