D.Va, ŁAska and Wieprz Most Frequently Searched. Summary of the Character’s Popularity in Overwatch


Recently these types of charts are very popular.

We came across a very interesting channel, partly dedicated to Overwatch. One of the last movies shows a graph of Overwatch character popularity.

Unfortunately, Blizzard does not currently provide such data, so the data presented on the channel is based on Google Trends.

The popularity of characters on the Internet

It can be said that this is the determination of the popularity of Overwatch characters on the Internet. Curious what ultimately wins?

By the title you know that at the top was D.Va, then Smuga and Gengi in third place. Interestingly, the last places are occupied by Orisa, Sigma and Burzyciel. It would seem that the relatively fresh characters and people will look for something more about them.