Worlds 2019/World Championship – Pass


The new pass is now available.

The Worlds 2019 event has started, called the World Championships 2019 in our region. Therefore, you can now purchase a pass that entitles you to receive the prizes.

The Worlds 2019 pass costs 1650RP.

Worlds 2019 – Pass

The pass includes:

Championships 2019 Pass Icon

200 Championship tokens 2019

4 Championship Balls 2019

Additional tokens for every first win of the day and most selected PvP games:

First win of the day
(winning 1 game or 3 games, renewing after 20 hours)
18 tokens
Winning a matchmade PvP game on SR 12 tokens
Losing the selected PvP game to SR 6 tokens
Winning a matchmade PvP game on ARAM 8 tokens
Losing a selected PvP game on ARAM 4 tokens
Take the 1st or 2nd place in PT. 10 tokens
Take the 3rd or 4th place in PT. 8 tokens
Take the 5th or 6th place in PT. 6 tokens
Take the 7th or 8th place in PT. 4 tokens

Note: You must play PT for at least 15 minutes to earn tokens.

The pass also unlocks additional milestone missions that are listed below. Missions are active at the same time, so you make progress in completing all missions during each match.

Each milestone mission requires points:

  • 5 points can be earned for winning a game matched on Summoner’s Rift or in ARAM mode.
    • In PT, winning places I – IV.
  • 2 points can be earned for losing a game selected on Summoner’s Rift or in ARAM mode.
    • In PT, losing places V – VIII is lost.
Milestone 1 – 40 points 5 Prestige points + a mysterious permanent emote
Milestone 2 – 80 points 5 Prestige points + 1000 Orange Essence
Milestone 3 – 120 points 5 Prestige Points + Small Legend Eggs
(content from the series 1-3)
Milestone 4 – 160 points 5 Prestige points + Championship Ball 2019
Milestone 5 – 200 points 5 Prestige points + 2 gems

During the event, of course, you can purchase new cosmetic elements, which you can read more about in the general topic dedicated to Worlds 2019.