The Square Massacre Has Revived Dead YouTube Channels


The Square Massacre came from the sky for some, waking their channels after a long break of very poor statistics.

The Square Massacre came to the rescue of many YouTubers whose channels simply died. This is most visible in the case of the original server creator – Skkfa.

However, there are also other cases of channels that just a few days ago could not beat the number of several thousand views even with a huge number of subscriptions.

Nostalgia came to the rescue

Skkf’s videos on his channel made very poor views compared to the number of subscriptions. 20-30 thousand views with subs at 1.5 million is a poor result.

The Square Massacre seems to have saved the situation. The first video – 360 thousand views. others record similar statistics.

The second such example is Husiek, whose channel looked tragic. Here we had impressions at the level of 1-3 thousand with subs at the level of nearly 400 thousand. The channel revived after the appearance of the Skkfa server. Almost 40,000 Livestream views appeared immediately.

How will the current creators benefit from this wave and will they be able to keep up? Time will tell if they will be ready to follow the current trends and YouTube.