Sneaky as K/DA Akali the Perfect LoLa Cosplay


Sneaky has published his latest cosplay.

The latest cosplay appeared on Sneaky’s Twitter. This time it is another heroine belonging to the K / DA team.

Zach Scuderi, better known as Sneaky, never ceases to surprise with his passion for cosplay. He is still publishing new costumes, trying to play as many heroines and skins as possible.
This time it was K / DA Akali. This is not the first cosplay member of the K / DA band. Zach has already played Kai’s and has published a whole series of photos in this outfit (also with other cosplayers).
Does this mean that fans will see all K/DA skins in its version?

It is worth mentioning that Sneaky often played the fan skins that did not appear in the game, e.g. Pool Party Ahri. Perhaps this means that he will create a cosplay of his own version of K / DA for a character that does not belong to the band.