Naruto Run Moiry? The Players Made It Happen


Overwatch players have once again proved that their creativity is really huge.

Naruto Run is already so recognizable that everyone associates the name. Even Blizzard decided to refer to him throughout the entire affair with Zone 51.

Now the players have decided to answer Blizzard. One of them created a simulator that allows you to run simultaneously in real life and in the game.

The clip-on Gfycat has gained immense popularity. In total, it has been viewed nearly 2 million times. It is hardly surprising, creative, fresh and refers to one of the most popular games on the market.

It is difficult to say whether something similar will ever be used in a commercial market. It will be many years before we can perform various actions at home, which will be reflected in the games. Everyone who has VR in their home knows perfectly well that although Beat Saber plays great, in multiplayer games it looks quite clumsy.