How to Create a Flying Bubble in Fortnite? A Useful Trick

Epic Games

A flying bubble, a great way to move under fire!

Good use of items to outplay your opponent is highly valued. Surprise your opponent by flying with the bubble shield and not letting you hit!

The bubble has been created to stand still on the ground. However, the developers left several gaps and allowed players to experiment. It turned out that we can move it on the bush or, as one of the players presented, fly in it!

The author of the trick is Positive_Unit, it is simple to do, but at the same time very effective. It’s enough if we have a bubble shield in the inventory, an impulse grenade, and some materials. We are building a 1 in 1 square, we throw a bubble at the top of the wall, on the other side then we want to fly, and under it an impulse. When everything works as planned, we can confidently traverse the battlefield in full cover.

You have to admit that such a solution is great in the later stages of the game, where we sometimes have to move to the other side of the zone.