G2 Has Such an Easy Group That “They Will Play Wowa to the Finals”


A few days ago, the groups of the 2019 World Championships in League of Legends were drawn.

G2 Esports players seem to be so satisfied with the draw of the groups for the 2019 World Cup that they are joking in their social media.

Recall the group breakdown that appeared a few days ago:

G2 was in the group with Griffin and Cloud9.

Jokes from opponents

We remind you that some time ago Wunder, one of the G2 players, was punished for playing World of Warcraft Classic during LEC games.

Now he decided to warm up the atmosphere and make fun of his opponents.

Our group is actually so free I’ll stick to Classic until finals

Of course, this is about World of Warcraft Classic, which, although recently has exploded quite strongly in popularity, has recently cooled down rapidly losing popularity on Twitch. At the same time, League of Legends stands out in first place.

Jankos also added his three groszy. On Twitter, he wrote a few words to future rivals:

Worlds 2019 – Schedule

G2 will start their matches on October 13, facing Griffin. A day later he will face Cloud 9. On October 18 we will have a rematch.

You can see the full schedule on the official League of Legends website.