Fortnite Skin GLOW – a List of Phones Where You Can Pick up the Skin

Epic Games

The new skin for Samsung phones is now available!

Players with a Samsung phone can enter the game and receive a new skin. You don’t need much thinking here, we just start the game and decide if we want to stop the skin or give it to someone.

According to official instructions, Fortnite should be downloaded from the official Samsung Store app. Although there is only an installer there and that is it. We do not know, however, whether it has an impact on skin availability.

GLOW at Fortnite

The skin can be given according to what we wrote earlier. Pretty cool option to not be fooled by scam websites. No more passing passes.

In the news from Samsung, the supported phones are:

Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note10 + or Note10 + 5G, S10e, S10, S10 + or S10 5G, Note9, S9, S9 +, Note8, S8, S8 + or S8 Active, S7, S7 edge or S7 Active, Tab S6, Tab S4, Tab S3 or Tab S3 Wi-Fi, A9, A70, A80 or A90

However, not everyone has it yet, including us on the most powerful phone.