Esports Awards 2019: Apex Legends Nominated for the Best E-Sports Game


Apex Legends has been nominated for the esports game of the year.

Apex Legends has a really good chance this year to become the esports title of the year. His competition is really the main EA with sports titles.

All this in this year’s Esports Awards 2019 plebiscite.

Voting started, of course, we are most interested in the eSports game of the year. Interestingly, the not very popular Battalion 1944 was mentioned here, which, although it is a good production, definitely did not break into the mainstream. However, production still gets updates and is supported.

In addition, of course, we will find here titles from EA, such as NBA2k19 or FIFA19. There was also a place for PUBG Mobile or Brawl Stars.

And although the competition in the form of Super Smash Bros. sounds scary, Apex is the most recognizable in Europe. However, the problem may be the esports aspect of Respawn’s production.