Concept Sketches of Elderwood Nocturne Splash Art Skins

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The graphic revealed conceptual sketches of Elderwood Nocturne skins.

On Twitter, one of the freelancers working on some assignments for Riot Games revealed his conceptual sketches for the Elderwood Nocturne skin.

How was Elderwood Nocturne splash art created?

Korean graphic artist and illustrator Heonhwa Choe, better known as Kilart, shared his early work on splash art for Elderwood Nocturne skins.

Riot Games

It is worth mentioning that Kilart is not a regular graphic designer at Riot Games, but only accepts some orders from the company. These are not his first works for League of Legends. He already has 7 splash art designs from famous LoLa skins in his portfolio.

Heonhwa Choe is the author of illustrations for skins:

  • Battle Boss Yasuo
  • Cats vs Dogs April Fools Skins (Meowrick, Pretty Kitty Rengar)
  • Winter Wonder Soraka
  • LeBlanc program
  • Nightblade Irelia
  • Secret Agent Miss Fortune

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At Kilst Artstation ( ) you can find a lot more refined graphics and fanarts, including characters not related to the League of Legends universe, e.g. Poison Ivy or Mei from Overwatch.

Other conceptual sketches from Kilart

The author often provides his sketches or early stages of drawing under his designs.

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