Will We Get These Little Things for the 10th Anniversary of LoLa?

Riot Games

Some small things related to LoL’s 10th birthday hit PBE, will we get them for free?

A new icon, an interesting emote with Poroskiem or a cake-shaped totem. Will we get it for free on our tenth birthday?

For the tenth birthday of our great and balanced game, we expected something special! It turned out that many players were invited (along with all costs) for a party in London. Unfortunately, the company said it had sent too many invitations and had to cancel most. A terrible mistake destroying dreams and hopes.

There was a lot of speculation and theory about the surprise for players. Some suggested an icon, the other emoticon, sometimes there were opinions that Riot Games would remove players from the skin, after all, it’s their birthday, not ours. Despite such a large discrepancy and many ideas, most hoped for something extra. For example, a good idea would be to give away a capsule with one random skin for 1820 RP +, issued up to 3 years ago.

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What is possible that we will get?

Most likely, however, we’ll get three small gifts.

The first of these will be the icon:

The second is a ward skin:

The third and charming Porosek:

Of course, everything is speculation here and we are not sure yet what we will get. These are the most likely gifts, but it is not known if there will be any addition to them.