Updated Ashe Voice for the Release of a New Skin


Ashe’s voice has been updated

On the occasion of the release of new High Moon skins (Ashe also received it), the heroine’s voice has been updated. Added a lot of new issues and interactions to the rest of the character.

Ashe’s statements were quite boring and repetitive for many players. It’s often a problem of older characters who don’t talk much to newer heroes, have fewer jokes or references, or their words are not up to date.

That’s why the developers decided to update Ashe’s voice on the occasion of the release of a new skin for it – High Moon.

The updated voice has many completely new issues, but also some old ones that are well known to everyone. In the comments, fans noted a lot of references to other heroes. Worth listening to.

“So Braum, no shirt, huh? And I don’t have pants. Yay, Freljord! “