Show how big the Doomfist nerf, the Smreak and D.Vy buffs are


Players in a really cool and transparent way changes made to the PST server.

The last change has mixed up a lot when it comes to the PST server. There were a lot of character changes that really needed it.

We are talking, among others, about Doomfista, who recently was a really annoying hero.

Character changes in practice

The players decided to show how the comparison between PST and LIVE server looks like now. Let us remind you that Doomfist was significantly weakened, Streak was strengthened by its missiles and D.Va matrix.


Quick comparison of the Doomfist nerf on the PTR from Overwatch


Quick look at the tracer falloff buff 🙂 from Competitiveoverwatch


Dva matrix buff comparison 😀 from Overwatch

These changes were received in a very different way by the community. Many people certainly enjoy the weakness Doomfist has received. Others grab their heads and ask “Blizzard what are you doing!” Looking at Sombra, who is currently struggling with considerable difficulties.