Riot Games Will Deal With Forgotten Heroes. They Will Be the First to Go


Riot Games is planning work on heroes that have not been changed for a long time. What kind of sights is he in?

Mark Yetter announced that a list of heroes has been created that could use small changes. This is not about buffs or nerves, but about QoL – small technical improvements that improve the overall game of the hero.

Interestingly, it’s about unchanged characters like Zilean or Draven.

Before we get to the subject and list of heroes, we need to find out what this important term is. QoL, or Quality of Life, are changes aimed at improving the mechanics, attacks or skills of a given champion. This also applies to bugs, and more specifically to their repair. The main difference between QoL and nerves or buffs is that they do not apply to specific numbers. They are usually not intended to strengthen or weaken the hero, but to improve his mechanics.

In short, QoL changes improve the hero’s enjoyment of the game. They facilitate certain mechanics and make the hero easier.

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Who can wait for change?

We see 20 heroes on the list published by Rioter. It was created to select those who need the most changes.

Zilean is the highest and Draven is a bit behind him. Probably they are the ones who can expect changes. Undoubtedly, one of the characters will see changes, but it is not said that the designers will take the highest positions.