Probably a New Seat in the Zone? It Promises to Be a Destroyed City!

Epic Games

A new, damaged seat will be coming soon?

The game files include new models designed specifically for the destroyed town. Can we expect a new seat?

With the update 10.40, new models hit the game. They depict damaged buildings as well as other elements. As one of the players responsible for leaks revealed, it is possible that they were created specifically for a new seat in the zone. Her probable name is Destroyed / Ruined City.

In addition to the model in the sphere, from which it is difficult to deduce something, we can see the dilapidated houses with the yard, or even a building resembling a strange school.

In addition, the same buildings can be found on one of the gifs depicting the latest skin, available on phones from Samsung – Glow.

The above-mentioned skin is to be introduced probably on September 27 with the disappearance of Ikonik. Perhaps, along with her, the generator will turn one of the spots into the Destroyed City. It remains for us to wait, we must also remember that this is only a leak and everything has the right to change.