Overwatch Players Accuse Riot of Copying Their Ashe


This morning a new skin for Ashe from League of Legends was revealed.

This morning new skins from the High Noon series have been introduced to the PBE test server. Hecarim, Darius and Ashe received them and it was the last heroine that aroused the biggest emotions.

One of Blizzard’s games called Overwatch also has Ashe and well, it looks like a character from League of Legends.

The Overwatch community quickly noticed that the latest Ashe skin from League of Legends was very similar to their Ashe in the basic skin version. Are their allegations correct? See for yourself:

Ashe from Overwatch

The figure has light hair and is dressed in a leather outfit. The heroine is originally associated with the Wild West.

Ashe from League of Legends

Here, the subject seems similar. Ashe from Overwatch doesn’t have a horse, but in such an outfit she could easily ride him. Also, hair color and clothing are correct.

” Let them find their ideas, this is our Ashe, ” writes one of Overwatch’s players on reddit.

On the other hand, League of Legends was the first to release a fair-haired character called “Ashe”, it’s hard to talk about copying the concept here. How else would you represent a character from the Wild West?

Instead of war, maybe cooperation?

Other players point out that instead of tearing cats, it might be worth joining forces. However, this is unlikely. Admittedly, Overwatch establishes commercial cooperation with LEGO or Coca Cola.

On the other hand, Blizzard’s production recently has problems with popularity, and Riot would rather not promote production, which in theory may pick them up, players. Although it’s a different genre, many people play LoLa and also play Overwatch.