Matchmaking Has Been Turned off in Fortnite?

Epic Games

The update from Fortnite yesterday brought many changes. Among other things, it was decided to introduce a new way to match players.

The new way of matching aroused considerable emotions in the players. Mainly because many people were afraid of surfing and making new accounts just to play with the weaker.

On the other hand, it seems to be an ideal way to balance the game, where experienced players do not hit complete bamboos.

Matching off?

Players searching the game files have found that matchmaking was probably turned off in the evening. This information is not confirmed, but in the code, by the matching function after the skill you can see “false”.

Perhaps this function is still being tested and during matchmaking problems, it is temporarily turned on and off. That would explain yesterday’s problems.

It is very possible that it has already been enabled, so let me know what matches you are currently hitting!