In Apex Legends, We Can See Map Disclosure Tomorrow


A series of mysterious trailers leads to great disclosure?

Respawn gives us more and more new information through his Twitter profile. Some are not necessarily useful, others may contain hints for future events in the game.

For now, the most interesting trailer seems to be from yesterday.

Access granted
The Twitter post is quite mysterious. Take a look yourself:

Players found a date in it. Look at the description:


Do you see something interesting here? Well, 00927_10 is probably the date. September 27, 9:00 a.m. Respawn is currently in Los Angeles, so 9 hours back from Poland. As a result, it is possible that something very interesting will happen tomorrow at 6 pm.

What exactly? Unfortunately, this is not known, players hope to unveil a new map, new cosmetic items or other important things related to the 3rd season.