How Many Riot Games Are Planning to Release Comics in 2020?


Plans for several League of Legends comic series have been revealed, similar to the stories of Lux and Ashe!

The comic book author has confirmed that there will be more stories from League of Legends and Marvel Comics. They will be similar stories to those about Ashe or Lux.

We will probably see at least 3 new series next year. This was revealed by one of the Riotters involved in creating comics.

One of them will be about the history of Zed – he will be released later this year!

Riot Games has already released two series of comics in collaboration with Marvel. The history of Ashe and Lux ​​are very well received by Internet users who want additional knowledge from Runeterra!

Ashe’s story focuses mainly on her tribe and becoming the queen of Freljord.

The history of Lux shows us the life of a sorceress in a world where the use of magic is prohibited and severely punished.

The company intends to maintain a steady stream of comics in collaboration with Marvel. We’ll see what comes out.