Fortnite Will Finally Leave the BETA Version? Will This Miracle Happen?


Found clues that Fortnite will leave BETA?

A mysterious code has been found in the game’s code, it appears to mention a new version of Fortnite!

Fortnite leaves beta?

One of the seekers for hidden files found interesting code. With it, it seems that at the end of season X, Fortnite will end the BETA phase.

The game lasted in Beta for two years, so the shock is quite big. However, it turns out that according to the code, we will soon see a full-fledged full version of the game.

NightNight in the code is probably the name of the event. So it indicates that everything will take place at the end of the X season and maybe the new map (which is also rumored) will be the showcase of the new version of the game!

Of course, remember that the information is not officially confirmed, and all these are only presumptions and leaks.