Epic Games Shows Innovative Touch Zones With New Skins!

Epic Games

Join the Moving Zones – new popular PvP games created by fans to win prizes and stylish cosmetic items.

Epic Games has just launched Moving Zones: Vortex, Colosseum, Desert, and River Rafting. It’s quite an innovative form of the game that will surely appeal to many people.

The fight is underway in Moving Zones – #FortniteZoneWars – and it’s time to join her. You will face your friends or enemies in quick matches full of intense clashes under the pressure of an approaching storm. Moving Zones: Vortex, Colosseum, Desert, and River Rafting will be presented in the game as periodic modes from today.

Grab a set of Challenged Zones challenges from the store and you’ll get the Hot Zone and Terrible Zone suits. Owners of the Set of Moving Zones challenges will have access to unique challenges, thanks to which they will receive additional variants of the Hot Zone clothing and the Terrible Zone, as well as a new backpack. Remember to support your favorite Zone creator, such as ZaroYaHero, JesGran, JotaPeGame or Enigma, when buying a set of Moving Zones challenges in the store!

Epic Games

All players can complete the Moving Zone challenges free to get the Moving Zone graffiti and additional backpacks. These challenges will be available from September 28 from 14.00. The Periodic Modes of Moving Zones and the Challenge Pack will remain in play until October 6th until 20.00.

Epic Games