Characters With Which Players Win the Most Matches at All Ranks


A very interesting combination that currently reveals the strongest characters.

Overwatch players have recently started to make very nice summaries of what characters are “best” after the patch. Why do we put the best in quotation marks? Because they are the characters with the highest percentage of games won.

Although this does not give 100% picture of the current trends in Overwatch, it is quite interesting to look at such a combination.

The characters that players win the most

We can see here the advantage of two characters, regardless of rank. It’s about Orissa and Sigma, though Zaria breaks through. In the other classes, this looks more diverse. Although in the subject of healers we also have a nice show of the strength of Moira, Lucio and Grace.

Surely this statement will change a lot soon because the test servers have strong changes in several characters.

Changes to PST

There are a lot of important character changes on the test server today. Among other things, a significant weakening of the popular Doomfist. Today we presented an interesting comparison of PST vs Live.

Changes will probably appear in 2-3 weeks on general servers.