The Overwatch Update Undoes the Changes and Fixes the Bastion Block


The Update has actually entered the Overwatch servers today.

The community expected a new update in Overwatch today, and in fact, we got a new patch. By its size you can even get a little excited – 900MB is quite a lot.

Meanwhile, according to the official description, not much has changed.

During the previous update, Blizzard decided to change the way the Symmetra teleporter, Mei’s or Step’s wall were placed in the shadow of the Reaper. This caused a lot of problems, and as a result, this patch was simply undone.

What else?

  • Game stability has been improved
  • Fixed a bug on the Paris map that allowed firing through the door (We wrote about it here –  CLICK )
  • Updated visual effects of the block Bastion (We wrote about it here –  CLICK )

However, the update weight indicates that Halloween files may have already been introduced.