Splash Arty and Appearance of High Noon Ashe, Darius and Hecarim Skins!


This morning we welcome information about new skins!

New skins, together with Splash Art have arrived on the test server. According to our information yesterday, skins were ready for release at night.

This time it was actually confirmed that both Ashe and Darius got their skins. Hecarim also joined. You can see Splash Arty together with showing skins in the game (during recording) below.

High Noon Ashe

High Noon Darius

High Noon Hecarim

New summoner icons

In addition to Splash Art, summoner icons have also been added.


High Noon Hecarim, High Noon Ashe, High Noon Darius 
High Noon Hecarim Chroma, High Noon Ashe Chroma, High Noon Chroma 
10 years
2019 MSI G2 

Ward skin


Login screen