Huge Balance Changes in Overwatch! Many Changed Characters!


However, yesterday’s update had more than simple bugfixes.

Yesterday over 900MB was downloaded, according to preliminary information only a few bugs were fixed. Only after a few hours did Blizzard release the full update description.

And this, in turn, revealed changes in the mass of heroes. There is currently no Polish version, so at the moment we leave the original.


Defense Matrix

  • Regenerations increased from 12.5% ​​to 16% per second
  • The delay before regeneration was changed from 1 second to 0.75 seconds


Protective Barrier

  • Cooldown increased from 9 to 10 seconds


Scrap Gun

  • Ammo increased from 5 to 6.


Kinetic Grasp

  • No longer blocks Chain Hook and Whip Shot

Gravitic Flux

  • Duration of the high gravity effect changed from 1.2 to 0.9 seconds

Experimental Barrier

  • Regeneration reduced from 175 to 150 per second
  • Now renews the second after summoning the barrier
  • The initialization time of 0.2 seconds has been removed


Barrier Projector

  • Duration increased from 6 to 9 seconds
  • Health increased from 600 to 700


Immortality Field

  • Health reduced from 250 to 200



  • Acceleration effect increased from 20% to 25%

Amp It Up

  • Acceleration effect increased from 50% to 60%

Riding on the wall

  • Movement speed bonus reduced from 40% to 30%



  • Additional ties connected by Valkyrie are now ignored by enemy barriers


Biotic Grasp

  • Own regeneration has been reduced from 30 to 20 health per second


Rocket punch

  • The time it takes to reach full charge has been increased from 1 to 1.4 seconds

The Best Defense …

  • Shield received per attack reduced from 35 to 30



  • Cooldown increased from 4 to 6 seconds
  • Renewal begins immediately after Translocator has been deployed or after enemies have destroyed it


Photon Barrier

  • Duration reduced from 15 to 12 seconds
  • Health reduced from 5000 to 4000

Sentry Turret

  • Damage every second reduced from 50 to 40

Photon Projector

  • Players attacked by a basic Symmetry attack should now hear a louder sound


Pulse Pistols

  • Damage reduction now starts from 13 meters instead of 10 meters