A New Character, Skin or New Riot Game Revealed in the Series “Players”?


Revealing a new character on the show?

Reddit user noticed that in one of the series there are scenes that may suggest a preview of a new character in League of Legends. He quickly shared his observation on the internet.

Ballers (in the Polish version of Players) is an American television series broadcast since 2015 on HBO.

A post appeared on Reddit that one of the great fans of League of Legends noticed some interesting moments in the series. He immortalized them on the screenshots (shown below) and asked others what they think about it.

The author of the post admitted that he is very interested in LoL, and the find confused him a bit because he does not know how to receive them. According to him, it can be a preview of a new heroine, skins or even a completely new game from Riot Games.

The post also draws attention to the style of graphics, slightly different from that in League of Legends. Attention was also drawn to numerous weapon designs on the second screen.

Perhaps they are harbingers of work on a new project that is not associated with LoL. Riot Games can currently work on many new games, and the scenes in the series were simply to arouse the curiosity of players.