20 of the Highest-Earning Professional Fortnite Players! As of September 23, 2019!

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Twenty Fortnite Top-Earning Players!

Fortnite Battle Royale is a relatively new entry into the world of esports, but the reward amounts are huge! $30 million has been allocated to the Fortnite World Cup itself! We present a list of the 20 highest-earning Fortnite players!

E-Sport Battle Royale

Although e-sport in the Battle Royale world has been heavily criticized, the prize pools are huge!

Despite the fact that millions of dollars went to prizes before the World Cup, 30 million allocated to the World Cup, they completely changed the entire table!

Recently, the best player taking first place in the table was Bizzle. He ran with 518 250 dollars on his account! After the great World Cup finals, it turned out that there are more than 10 players with a million in their wallet, and Bizzle lost its position.

Currently, the 16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf dominates the earned amount ! He made three million for finishing first in the solo tournament. Despite the fact that he earned only 25,900 from other events, he still has a million dollars advantage over other players!

Thanks to the esportsEarnings website, we can see the top-earning Fortnite players! The ranking will probably change after the next events, but we present the current state!

20 of the highest-paid Fortnite players

Remember that the table shows only official Fortnite tournaments, earnings from other sources are not included here.

Position Name Nationality Earnings
1st Bugha USA $3,052,800.00
2nd psalm USA $1,865,800.00
3rd Aquav2 Austria $1,625,207.56
4th Nyhrox Norway $1,513,176.49
5th EpikWhale USA $1,277,550.00
6th Kreo Hong Kong $1,173,550.00
7th Rojo Netherlands $1,168,140.00
8th Wolfiez UK $1,139,360.00
9th Zayt Canada $1,068,725.00
10th Ceice USA $1,060,050.00
11th Saf USA $1,021,450.00
12th kinG Argentina $988,150.00
13th Elevate Canada $946,250.00
14th Skite France $808,338.12
15th Mitr0 Netherlands $682,899.81
16th Crue Sweden $672,700.00
17th Tfue USA $577,900.00
18th Bizzle USA $576,625.00
19th Mongraal United Kingdom $564,254.23
20th Arkhram USA $534,400.00