Update 10.40 Leaked the Name of a New Seat in Fortnite


The name of the new seat found in the game files!

People responsible for searching the files found the name of the new spot in them. This is Starry Suburbs!

Fortnite is a completely different Battle Royale game, you can build, destroy, punch in the air and many other interesting things not found in any other game. In addition, the map changes with each season, you can not be bored here!

Recently, Batman’s city appeared in the game! Interesting challenges came with the arrival of the bat. Searchers for undiscovered data searched the 10.40 update files (accidentally released by Epic Games) and discovered the name of a new location that should hit the game soon. Let’s remember that this is unconfirmed and everything can change!

Starry Surbus

The name of this place can be translated as Starry Suburb / Starry Peripheries, one thing is certain. It’s about the stars and around the city.

While looking for challenges, one of the miners, namely @Asriel_Dev, was inspired by an interesting task. It asked players to find mysterious recordings in Gotham City and Starry Suburbs.

It is currently unknown where the seat will be created. It is speculated that it may hit the northwest corner of the map.

Judging by the name, it will be a place similar to Salty Strzech or Pleasant Park. Many cottages, gardens, and garages.


At the moment, no one knows the release date. It is also unknown whether it will hit the game at all, nothing has been officially confirmed. Epic Games has officially confirmed the upcoming map changes, but we do not yet know where and what will change.

Data mining experts say the release will occur in Update 10.40, it will probably be released on Wednesday, September 25. This means it will appear in the near future. The task in which she was described appears on October 2, so we’ll probably see her in two weeks.

Remember that everything can change because Epic Games has not confirmed the information!