Today We Will Probably See Skins From the High Noon Series!

Riot Games

New skins from the High Noon series will probably be announced today.

New skins from the High Moon series are fast approaching. Today we’ll find out which characters will get the new skin.

Preview of High Noon skins on Twitter

On Twitter League of Legends EU appeared poor in words post. Despite this, game fans can easily read the information it contains:

Today we will find out who will get the skin from the High Noon series.

About the skins from the title series will appear in the game were leaks, which we wrote about 2 days ago. According to the information contained in the game files, they should be High Noon Ashe and High Noon Darius.

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We will soon find out if the leak is real. It remains to wait for the heroes selected by the creators to be revealed.