Riot Doesn’t Want to Seem Boring and Unattractive Heroes


Unattractive heroes quickly get bored.

Riot has an increasingly difficult task. With so many characters in League of Legends, it’s harder to spend an interesting hero who won’t get bored with the players. That is why it is so important for each of them to have something attractive in them.

Characters must be unique

RiotAugust in his comment on Reddit presented the problem that Riot has been facing for some time. The rapidly growing pool of heroes means that the creators cannot afford to spend something boring.

A weak idea for a character means that she is in a losing position even before her official appearance in the game. It is not about exaggeration, exaggeration and aiming at the largest possible audience, because even niche heroes have their loyal fans and are still willingly chosen.

It is important that the character has something in it that will not allow you to quickly forget about it.

Each hero must have something to attract attention. This does not mean that they must be physically attractive or so-called “badassas”.

Riot Games

Many people accuse the creators that their ideas often target the simplest – an attractive appearance, perhaps characterized by sexuality. It is true that most of the characters have a perfect figure and fall under certain canons of beauty. However, this is not the most important thing for creators.

A perfect body and flawless face will quickly get bored if the character doesn’t have something more. The author of the post notes that among the heroes of LoL there are many original concepts. Bard as the strange ghost of Miyazaki, Kled is a quarrelsome cavalryman, and Urgot – a terrifying mechanical monster.

These heroes have a niche charm not because they are boring and physically unattractive, but because they are beautiful in their own way.