PUBG Gives up and Shows Skins in Fortnite Climates


PUBG defended itself against “skewed” skins for a long time.

Halloween is just starting at PUBG. Therefore, cosmetic items are introduced to the game. This time, however, they strongly resemble abstract Fortnite things.

The 4: 3 update will allow the purchase of a pirate captain and privateer costume, Kansas and Scarecrow sets, as well as her Majesty the Queen of Skeletons.

Halloween in PUBG

As the publishers write:

“Very cool Halloween costumes will appear in PUBG! If you are walking along the yellow brick road to the last wheel or engaging in coastal piracy aboard a motorboat, we have new outfits for you to help you get ready for Halloween. “

However, players have a slightly different opinion about the word “cool”.

A character with a lion’s head, or a terrible scarecrow standing next to the queen of skeletons … This is more like Fortnite style games than putting on realism PUBG.